Social Responsibility

We are a product of our community. If we want to grow, we must grow together.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

- Winston Churchill

Empowering people empowers business.

While we specialize in staffing and recruitment, what drives us is our desire to empower the individual. Connecting the dots between talent and demand is just one way of doing so. We also look at the bigger picture, by being ethical and proactive with respect to cultural and social issues.

In our bigger picture, we don’t just find talent, we nurture it. We want all individuals, whatever their backgrounds, to have equal opportunities to develop their unique gifts. That is why we support select organizations working in education, community building and gender equality.

Education investment - Deegit

Education Investment -
Emphasis on STEM

By 2020 the demand for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals is expected to add 1 million new STEM jobs within the United States workforce. But concern is growing about a mismatch between job opportunities and the education, skills and interests of the available work force.

As a technology staffing firm we want to help alleviate this mismatch at the earliest stages. That is why we support initiatives that encourage underrepresented populations to consider and pursue STEM fields of study.

We therefore:

  • Partner with clients to develop STEM programming.
  • Support STEM initiatives as a member of the Girl Scouts Board.

Gender Investment –
Girl Scouts

According to the International Labour Organization, gender pay gaps exist around the world including in the United States. While women’s participation in the workforce has steadily climbed over the years, they currently represent only 43.2% of the professional, scientific and technical services sector. At Deegit, we believe that in order to provide equal opportunities on the basis of individual merit, we need to close the gender gap at the ground level, by nurturing strong, courageous and independent girls. We do so by supporting the Girl Scouts of America by:

  • Partnering with the Girl Scouts of America for select initiatives.
  • Providing scholarships in STEM to suitable candidates.
Supporting the Girl Scouts of America - Deegit

Half of all STEM jobs don’t require a four-year degree and pay an average of $53,00, which is 10% higher than non-STEM jobs with similar education requirements.

Deegit is committed to close the skills-gap by supporting women and other underserved sections of society in their quest for STEM education.


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