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In 20+ years in business, more than 95% of our employees have continued to work with us.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Once with Deegit; always with Deegit.

Our offices are hubs of creativity, dedication and innovation. We make it a point to let every team member know we value their contributions, so they are motivated to bring their best selves to work each day.

Here are some of the reasons why our employees think
Deegit is a great place to work:

  • An open environment that encourages individuality and open speech
  • Performance based incentives
  • Financial assistance for training, education, and self development
  • Excellent benefits

Benefits package includes:

  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Paid vacations & sick leave
  • Paid holidays
  • Relocation expenses
  • Employee referral programs

What our employees are saying

Working for Deegit is more than a career, it is a family. From the top down, we are treated equally & our voices are heard. We all have visibility into Deegit's long-term goals, potential for upward mobility, & are empowered to maximize our potential as leaders. Our clients & consultants appreciate our flexibility & the first-class integrity we all follow. We not only strive to better professionals, we also have the support to be the best version of ourselves daily.

Matt Tartaglia
Director - Delivery Operations

When you work for Deegit™, you become a part of the journey, a member of the Deegit™ family. We make substantial, long-term commitments. That’s the perspective the family brings in. Our job is to make sure that we listen to them and respect their commitments. All our long-term employees are true performers and fiercely passionate. Their role is to steer the company to the future.

Sai Krishna
Recruiting Manager

Deegit™ is a platform that offers a bright career to individuals who are eager to grow and leave a mark in the Industry. I have witnessed many success stories in my continued tenure. People want to work for Deegit™ because we demonstrate to employees how they will progress intellectually and economically in their career. It is our job to make every aspect of our employees’ work experience valued. The integral momentum that Deegit™ holds keeps us all rolling towards success.

Rajesh Veggalam
Recruiting Manager

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At Deegit, we are always looking for talented, motivated and dedicated individuals to join our internal team.

We treat our employees as family, empowering each and every individual to grow in tandem with the organization.

If you want a workplace that is fun, exciting and at the industry’s leading edge, look no further than Deegit. 

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The average attrition rate in the staffing industry is 30%.

At Deegit, the year-over-year attrition rate has been under 10% for over 20 years.


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