Contract Staffing

Deegit’s global talent network includes more than 2 million highly skilled candidates, enabling us to respond to a well-defined requisition with an authentic candidate within 48 hours.

The Deegit Operations Team fields over 300 requisitions per week.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data

Optimize your talent grid anytime, anywhere.

Need a highly skilled professional to work for you, but not sure if you want to commit for the long haul? Need a contingent workforce for a quarter, but have no idea whether you’ll need them after that timeframe? Then our Contract Staffing services are just for you. Call us to get top-notch talent to start coming to you within 48 hours. That’s right. Don’t worry about payroll or hours. Just get the job done.

Deegit’s talent network spans the globe. No kidding. In addition, our recruiters are really good at what they do, which is to keep great talent on their radar, and recruit them without much fuss when the need arises. What’s more? You don’t even need to bother about background checks. We’ve got all this under our belt. With a two-week guarantee, you can rest assured that you get great value and your business will never suffer from lack of great talent.

Our two-week guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with a placement within the first two weeks, you don’t have to pay for services during that period. We’ll send a replacement straight away.

The Deegit Difference:

In Brief:

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated client servicing team and a dedicated recruiting team. When combined, a typical team features four Recruiters, a Lead Recruiter, a Delivery Manager, and an Account Manager, along with our Sales Representative. While our Recruiters are skilled at identifying suitable resumes, our Lead Recruiters possess technical know-how and are adept at fraud detection. We have a sum total of 12-15 Delivery Managers, each specializing in the details of a technical skill-set/stack.

In a market teeming with suppliers, what sets apart the leader from the rest? It’s the depth and rigor of the recruiting process. It’s the level of accuracy in matching a resume with the desired skill set. It is the time within which suitable talent is deployed, powering your business uninterrupted. That’s how Deegit stays head and shoulders above the rest. And that’s why you should give Deegit a try.

From receiving a requisition to delivering the best candidates – Tracking the 48 hours

01Kick off ‘Discovery Meeting’ – Day 1

A discovery call that includes the Account Manager, Delivery Manager, and the Client for decoding the requisition per word.

  • Understand the context of the requisition - “What’s the big picture?”
  • What are the specific skills needed, level of expertise with respect to each skill listed, the kind of cultural fitment that’s required?
  • In case the requisition is generic, request for a call with the Hiring Manager. - “Spend 10 minutes with us now, or spend hours screening resumes later!

Hours 0-10

02Allocating the Requisition – Day 1

The Delivery Manager shares the detailed requisition along with the Notes from Discovery call with an identified team of Lead & Recruiters based on their technical expertise.

Hours 10-20

03Sourcing & Identifying resumes – Day 1

The team of Recruiters super charges the screening process by:

  • Combing through their state of the art ATS which has over 2 million resumes
  • Reaching out to potential candidates through social media
  • Getting in touch with channel partners
  • Team will identify and short-list multiple candidates against each position, which will be submitted to lead recruiters

Hours 20-30

04Fraud Detection
– Day 2

The Lead Recruiter speaks to the shortlisted candidates over WebEx to:

  • Ensure that the photo on the ID (license/pass port) belongs to the person on the call.
  • Read the body language of the candidate to verify authenticity.
  • Determine the technical fit down to the version of a particular software/skill set.
  • We save a snapshot (WebEx) of the candidate while speaking.

Hours 30-35

– Day 2

The Delivery Manager checks the final fitment

  • We have multiple Delivery Managers, each specializing in a particular technology stack/skillset/domain expertise.
  • After final verification, the Delivery Manager forwards the selected candidates resume, WebEx Snapshot and a legal ID to the Account manager.

Hours 25-40

06Introducing Profiles to end-client – Day 2

  • The Account Manager makes a soft call to the selected candidate and introduces them over to our client.
  • The Account Manager also facilitates the first to final interviews of the candidate.

Hours 40-48



We value it and so we hire from a diverse talent pool to help customers increase diversity in their ranks.

Cultural Fit

Our client-centric model with dedicated delivery teams ensures a multilayer screening process that allows us to dig deeper to assess a candidate’s fit within your organization


Our exhaustive screening process eliminates the risk of fraudulent candidates entering our talent network and your organization.

Client Centricity

Each client is assigned a dedicated delivery team that observes the business up close. This enables us to anticipate talent needs before they arise and accurately match profiles for consideration.

Skills that we cover

  • Methodology and Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, SFDC, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, Workday, Success Factors, Oracle, JD Edwards, Siebel, SFDC, Infor, and other Cloud based solutions)
  • Data Warehousing (DBA, Modeling, ETL, Reporting, development)
  • NLP, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data / Hadoop
  • Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS), AWS, EMC, MS Azure etc.
  • Digital / Mobility Solutions
  • IoT, DevOps and Automation (Chef, Puppet, etc.)
  • Web Design and Development (Java/J2EE, MS.Net etc.) and CMS (Open source)
  • System Architecture (SOA, RUP, Agile etc.)
  • Information / Enterprise / Web / Cyber Security
  • Mid-range and Legacy Systems
  • Quality Assurance (Manual and Automated, SDET, Open source)
  • Project / People Management
  • Infrastructure, Network & Security
  • Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Retail and few other Industry specific SME’s (LoanIQ, Misys, Axiom, Guidewire, DuckCreek, ALIP, JDA, Validation & Clinical, Camstar etc.)

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In 2011, only 9% IT leaders relied on contingent workforce. In 2016, that number has grown by 33% to 12% of IT leaders.

Source: Harvey & Nash and KPMG - CIO Survey 2016

Deegit is prepared to meet the increasing demand for contractual workforce through pre-planned talent identification and smooth acquisition.


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