Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Find out how our custom, comprehensive, cost-effective talent solutions can assist you in managing your business better.

Deegit’s talent network features 2M+ highly skilled individuals around the globe.

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Deegit’s Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) service provides a higher level of customer engagement to ensure talent gaps do not negatively impact your business. Think of Deegit as an extension of your organization, seamlessly supplying and integrating top talent, providing flexibility and scalability, so your HR team can focus on strategic business objectives.


Partnership Approach

As your RPO partner, your business becomes our business. We get into the trenches to understand your corporate culture and day-to-day challenges. Only then do we formulate and execute a recruitment plan that complements your business goals.

Get ahead and stay ahead

We transform recruitment from a last-minute fire fight to a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed strategic operation.

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59% of respondents believe that outsourcing offers an opportunity to reduce cost, 29% feel that it creates global scalability, and 28% feel that it provides access to intellectual capital.

Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2016

Deegit RPO offers businesses a top quality and authentic global talent network of 2M+ candidates, a 24X7 recruitment engine spanning 3 continents, and deep industry expertise of over two decades.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data


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