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We help businesses bridge the gaps between design and implementation through our in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the most critical technology components.

The Deegit Operations Team fields over 300 requisitions per week.

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Looking for an agile partner to help execute IT project delivery or scope of work? From Big Data and Analytics to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Deegit will develop a flawless framework for managing software-intensive projects, providing practical guidelines for planning, staffing, and project execution and monitoring.

We’ll take partial or complete ownership of projects while you drive your core business. What’s more, as our customer you will received a realistic SoW that aligns with business objectives, along with a rigorous yet simplified reporting methodology.

Deegit is adept at prioritizing competing objectives, managing risks and overcoming constraints.

Our SoW capabilities include:

  • Methodology
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Test Automation (QA)
  • Big data and Analytics
  • Cloud based Services
  • EnterpriseInfrastructure and Network Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project Management


  • Engagement Models

    We offer clients a variety of engagement models to suit their requirements for scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    • Time & Materials – This pricing model is best suited for work that is defined in terms of people (e.g., a maintenance project that requires the support of a specific number of individuals). In such cases, we remain self-managed, placing a senior member of the team in a project management role. We also submit regular status reports and time sheets..
    • Flexible Time and Materials -This allows our clients to maintain optimum staffing levels with the option to ramp resources up or down based on your business needs.
    • Fixed Price - Deegit offers fixed-price quotes for projects for which the scope of work and processes have been clearly defined and agreed upon.
  • Delivery Model

    For U.S.-based customers, we provide on-site delivery in situations that require frequent interaction with clients or where the needs are continually evolving.

  • Advantage Deegit – Quality Management System (QMS)

    • Significant cost savings
    • Commercially successful model
    • Proven quality processes
    • Access to a large and diverse pool of skilled professionals
    • Shortened lead times for project start-ups
    • Shortened development cycles
    • On time deliveries within budgeted cost
    • Work delivered to committed service levels
    • Access to C-Level/Senior management for project issues
    • Extensive experience of working with other Fortune 500 clients in various domains

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“Software is now an integral part of numerous products—think of the complex software systems in cars and consumer appliances—but the engineers and managers who are in charge of product development too often have a limited understanding of how to implement the technology component.”

Bent Flyvbjerg & Alexander Budzier, Why your IT project might be riskier than you think, HBR, September 2011

Deegit is committed to helping businesses bridge the gap between design and implementation through in-depth and up to date knowledge of the most critical technology components.


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