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1 in 3 submitted candidates are hired by our clients.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data

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Our low attrition rate enables us to maintain a large, familial network of competent technology professionals. Less turnover means less rebooking and time on the bench, so you spend more time building your career.

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Contract Staffing

If you want to gain tremendous experience in a short time, this is your best option. As a contract staffer you’ll be able to explore the work culture at some of the most renowned organizations while expanding and strengthening your professional network. Any individual or B2B organization aspiring to be Deegit’s channel partner must share our passion for providing excellent service. We are obsessed with recruiting top rated talent and any organization that is able to match or surpass our efforts will earn our respect. Moreover, we associate ourselves only with those individuals and organizations that have the capacity to uplift our brand image and that of our clients’.

Permanent Staffing

As part of a dedicated team you gain in-depth knowledge about a company’s culture, growth prospects and talent requisitions.

Career guidance

Technical skills are in high demand and always evolving. We are aware of the shifts in the demand for talent and skill sets, and therefore able to advise candidates what they need to do to make themselves more market.

Assistance in documentation

Paperwork can be confusing and messy. However, proper documentation is necessary for any kind of employment. We can help simplify the process for you through hands-on assistance, guidance and verification.

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Our clients are always looking for top notch talent.

In fact, the Deegit Operations Team fields over 300 requisitions per week.

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65% of Technology Leaders feel that Hiring Challenges Are hurting the industry.

Source: Bersin by Deloitte, April 2015


*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data


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