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We’ve got each other’s backs.

1 in 3 submitted candidates are hired by our clients.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data

Been there, done that. We’ve got your back.

With markets evolving every day, companies can’t afford any business disruption due to talent gaps. That means staffing and recruitment agencies need to work harder and faster than ever before.

Partnering with Deegit
With Deegit

We never settle for less. So when choosing a channel partner, we look for people and organizations with integrity that share our values and passion for getting it right the first time. We take our brand image and our clients’ reputations seriously. That’s why we conduct a careful vetting before considering an association.

Prospective channel partners must be willing to work on a success-based contract. Our combined commitment ensures that all team members drive for the desired results, and that we deliver added value to our clients. Deegit is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and is interested in partnering with other MBE firms.

It is by nurturing direct relationships with clients that we have built a successful track record and grown. Rather than operating with an intermediary, we take the reins of the relationship and run.

65% of Technology Leaders feel that Hiring Challenges Are hurting the industry.

Source: Bersin by Deloitte, April 2015


*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data


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